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Dollar Photo Club is Closing but Stock Photo Secrets Has You Covered -

Using Images from Depositphotos Coupon Code -

depositphotos coupon codeDepositphotos has some guidelines on the use of its images. And, knowing these guidelines will help you broaden your options.

Eight differences between and -

differences between and SXC.huWhat are the differences between and Read 8 reasons why you should use Rgbstock over SXC!

Free Stock Photo Sites: To Use Or Not To Use? -

As we have mentioned before it is not a very good idea to use commercially images found through Google search. And it is much better to search for appropriate images at stock photo agencies.

Why Stock Photo Agencies Are Better Than Google? -

Why Stock Photo Agencies Are Better Than Google?Once upon a time almost every designer asks himself: "Why should I buy images at stock photo agencies if I can find incredible number of images for absolutely free using Google?" Let's get into it!

Photographer Anatoly Tiplyashin: "Microstocks – More Money, Less Troubles" -

Photographer Anatoly Tiplyashin: "Microstocks – More Money, Less Troubles"Today at we present interview with Anatoly Tiplyashin, who is one of the successful microstock photographers. We suppose that this conversation will be interesting for either buyers or photographers.

What Is Editorial License or Editorial Usage of Stock Images? -

What Is Editorial License or Editorial Usage of Stock Images?Most of the images at microstocks can be used for commercial purposes. It means that you can use these pictures for advertising, for printing on t-shirts or package of your product, for decorating, etc. At the same time you can see another type of images at microstocks. This type of pictures is intented for editorial use only and commercial use of it is prohibited.

iStockphoto Vetta Collection: What Is It? -

iStockphoto Vetta Collection: What Is It?One of the main ways of development of microstock industry is the creation by microstocks their own exclusive collections composed from unique and high-quality images. At the present moment you can see examples of such collections at iStockphoto’s Vetta, 123rf’s Evo and Bigstock’s Premium. And now we are introducing the collection which is the most qualitative and which possesses the widest variety of images — Vetta at iStockphoto.

100+ Stock Images for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa -

Less than two weeks remains until one of the most important sport events in the world for the last four years will be starting in South Africa — FIFA World Cup. And now for you to be ready for it we offer you the collection composed of more than 100 of carefully selected high-quality stock photos and images related to this remarkable event.

What Are the Prices To Be at Microstocks in the Upcoming Years? -

What are the prices to be at microstocks in the upcoming years?Recently microstock iStockphoto has celebrated its 10th anniversary. Meanwhile the whole microstock industry has celebrated this event too cause it's iStockphoto which was the pioneer to bring to the market revolutionary idea of selling cheap images in Internet. 10 years — it's always a remarkable achievement. And it's the right time to analyze past years and try to take a look into the future. That's the way we are going to take in this article.

Number of Images at Microstocks: How Much Is It Important? -

Number of Images at Microstocks: How Much Is It Important?. Microstock analyzeMost probable things you think of when choosing microstock are prices, quality and number of images at these sites. First two of mentioned matters are of no concern: cheaper and higher is the quality of images — more happier is the buyer. Microstocks which contain millions of images are more attractive for buyers. Why?

Stock Photography: Breaking False Stereotypes -

Stock Photography: Breaking False Stereotypes. HandshakeMany people are of unpleasant opinion about stock photography. Why? They think that it's something too simple and standard. When you talk about "stock image" they imagine some template image they are used to. But you can find at microstocks almost every idea that you can imagine. And you can make other ideas produced by your vivid imagination combining several stock images. Blog Profile

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