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Fotolia Changes Credit Prices

Feb 02/10, 11:41   

Fotolia changes credit pricesSince Feb, 1 microstock Fotolia raises prices for small and medium credit packages. At the same time when buying big credit packages you'll get significant discount.

Earlier credit package consisting of 10 credits was valued at $10 ($1 per credit) and now its cost is $12 ($1.20 per credit). The price of $1 per credit is available only in credit packages which are valued more than $180.

But if you buy big credit packages you would receive significant discount. Earlier one buying credit packages for $2.000 or more would get the minimal price of $0.80 per credit. Now when buying credit package for $2.400 or more one would get price of just $0.75 per credit.

Prices for subscription packages remain the same at Fotolia.

You can see full review and detailed prices at the Fotolia review on our site.


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