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Number of Images at World's Largest Microstocks on July 1, 2010

Jul 02/10, 18:20   

From this moment we will be providing information about number of royalty free stock images and photos at world's largest microstocks on a monthly basis.

Just visit at the beginning of each month to be in touch with current "number of images" trends.

To start with here are the absolute numbers on the July 1, 2010. Microstocks are sorted by "number of images" descending order.

Shutterstock — 11.841.710 images.
Fotolia — 9.512.563 images.
Dreamstime — 8.900.995 images.
iStockphoto — 7.050.877 images.
123RF — 6.942.405 images.
Bigstock — 5.006.000 images.

Starting from next month we are also planning to provide some analythical information about microstocks' image gallery growth trends.


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