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Number of Images at World's Largest Microstocks: Analytic Monthly Report on August 1, 2010

Aug 03/10, 16:30   

Stock photo agencyNumber of
Number of
added images
Growth of
image gallery

By number of images the leader is the same — Shutterstock. Its image gallery growth in absolute numbers is fast and stable. The greater is the growth of image gallery at Fotolia only.

Also Fotolia holds the lead in growth percentage. 10 millions of images is relatively close and this microstock will certainly pass this milestone in Aug, 2010.

Maybe the reason for such a growth is the "pursuit for number of 10 million". Something like that had happened at Shutterstock this winter before it hitted the same number.

Also Fotolia include video files in its numbers. It’s about 100.000 of videos.

High growth rates can be noticed at 123RF. Half a year ago its image gallery was much lesser than other microstocks had but now 123RF is certainly in TOP-5.

Dreamstime is moving up slowly. It’s fourth in numbers growth and fifth in growth percentage.

Meanwhile iStockphoto holds the exclusive manner of growth. It has the worst growth percentage but every image added is of high quality and skill.

Bigstock is the worst by aggregate data: it has the lowest number of added images and also relatively low growth percentage.

Depositphotos is the new stock photo agency to our report at You will see its numbers next month.


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