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Dreamstime Introduces Weekly Subscription

Apr 19/11, 17:00   

One of the world's largest microstocks Dreamstime introduces new weekly subscription plan. Now it's possible to choose not only from monthly or more lengthy period subscriptions but also to use a short-term subscription plan only for a week.

There are three sorts of weekly subscription:

- up to 10 images per day — $44.99 (70 images per week, $0.64 per one image);
- up to 25 images per day — $79.99 (175 images per week, $0.46 per one image);
- up to 50 images per day — $139.99 (350 images per week, $0.40 per one image).

This weekly subscription is useful for those of customers who are in need of large number of images in a short term. In that case monthly subscriptions are more useless cause of their longer terms, greater number of images and much higher prices.

It's interesting that Dreamstime is the second stock agency to offer weekly subscription. The first microstock to announce this feature was Depositphotos.

You can see full Dreamstime review and detailed prices at the Dreamstime review on our site.


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