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123RF Review

Apr 10/11, 13:57   

One, two, three — royalty free! So cheerful like the childish rhyme — that's how you should read the name of 123RF. Does it sound funny to you? If it does, get ready to be surprised by this microstock, which has a gallery of more than 15.9 millions of royalty free images.

Images and photos can be purchased either on a single or on a subscription basis. To start with single purchases, you are required to refill your balance, after that you will receive credits (see "What are the credits and what are they for?") that can be spent throughout one year. A minimum payment constitutes $15, which is converted into 15 credits into your account. The minimum price of any small-scale image or photograph is 1 credit. If you need a larger version, you are free to purchase it for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 credits.

Just as it was the case with other stock photo agencies, 123RF features vector images in the bitmap format. All vector files of vector images have a fixed price of 5 credits.

123RF has one of the lowest credit prices on single purchases. For instance, you will be able to buy images for as low as $0.89 once your account balance reaches $50, which compares to $150-$500 on other microstocks. Customers who are not interested in big regular purchases will appreciate 123RF's loyalty towards them.

123RF's affordability to those who do not plan on spending too much is also true for subscription plans. This microstock has one of the lowest subscription prices, starting from $89. This price includes 150 royalty free images, each priced at $0.59 regardless of the size, daily limit is 5 images. Overall, 123RF has one of the best rates on subscription plans including a small number of images.

There is interesting bonus program for 123RF customers called "Rewards". For every dollar spent on buying credit package or subscription you can get one bonus RF point in average (for big subscription plans — little less).

When you get enough bonus RF points you can turn them into free credits for purchasing images. For 250 point you can get 50 free credits, for 400 points — 100 free credits, for 600 points — 160 free credits, etc. The more points you collect — the more free credits you can get when converting collected points.

To register on 123RF click this link.

123RF Profile

Images amount
15.9 millions
Single purchase possibility
Single purchase packages/price
price per image
$15 $1.00
$30 $0.94
$50 $0.89
$100 $0.87
$300 $0.86
$1000 $0.83
$2500 $0.76
$5000 $0.68
Subscription purchase possibility
Subscription purchase packages/price
price period per
$89 1 month $0.59
$199 3 months $0.44
$230 1 month $0.29
$590 3 months $0.25
$749 12 months $0.41
$1960 12 months $0.21
Restrictions of standard license
Maximal times to print the content, or an element of the content: unlimited.
Use the content in any derivative goods intended for resale: no.
Duration of license: unlimited.
Extended license price
Restrictions of extended license
Maximal times to print the content, or an element of the content:
- "Print" license: 10 000;
- "Electronic Distribution" license: unlimited;
- "Comprehensive" license: unlimited.
Use the content in any derivative goods intended for resale: yes.
Duration of license: unlimited.
Supported payment methods
Credit card, PayPal, Moneybookers, Wire Transfer or check
Pro et contra
+: small minimal payment for account refilling ($15);
+: low prices for subscription (from $89);
+: low prices for single purchases;
+: multiple ways of balance refilling;
+: possibility to purchase images for editorial usage;
+: bonus program for customers.
-: none.
You will definitely enjoy this microstock. If you want to buy few images, you will be amazed by the small minimal payment for balance refilling and low prices for single purchases. And if you want to get a subscription, you'll be surprised by unparalleled cheap packages, opening you an access to subscriptions, unavailable for clients of the most of other microstocks.

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