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Dreamstime Review

Apr 25/11, 13:57   

More than 15 millions of royalty free images, presented on Dreamstime, can be purchased either on an individual or on a subscription basis.

Since the minimum payment constitutes only $9.99, almost everyone can afford single purchase of images at Dreamstime. The payment is transferred to your balance as 8 credits (see "What are the credits and what are they for?") which can be spent within one year from the date of payment. Images and photos are priced from 1 credit for small-scale versions, which are good enough for blogs and websites' posts. Medium- and large-scale images can be purchased for 3-5 credits.

Unfortunately, not all images in Dreamstime gallery can be bought for 1 credit — prices on popular images tend to increase. An image which was first sold for 1 credit will be priced at 3 credits once it has been downloaded 5 times. It will see further price increases to 5 and 7 credits once it gets downloaded 20 and 50 times accordingly. The maximum price of a small-scale image — 9 credits — is set once it has been downloaded 100 times.

Vector images can be either purchased in raster JPEG or vector AI/EPS formats. Bitmap versions of vector images are priced just as regular images, whereas vector files themselves can be bought for 12-34 credits.

Low minimum payments are not only available to customers preferring single purchases. Those, who are interested in subscription plans, will also be surprised with Dreamstime fees. Along with a traditional "surplus of $200" subscription plan, including 750 images, Dreamstime offers a monthly subscription plan for only $128.99, which allows to download 300 royalty free images or photos (daily limit is 10) each priced from $0.43, including large-scale images. This plan might suit best those who need more than single purchases and yet feel like 750 images is more than they are interested in.

Also it's very convenient that Dreamstime offers its customers weekly subscription plans — from $44.99 to $139.99 per week. These short-term packages allow to use subscriptions in a more economical way than traditional monthly based plans. It's useful for those of customers who are in need of subscription for a very short period of time.

It has to be said that Dreamstime offers its customers two options that are not available anywhere else. The first is availability of RAW-files for photos (not applicable to all files), and the second is copyright buyout, which means that a particular image or photo will not be sold to any other user except you (available from $250 and also not applicable to all files).

To register on Dreamstime click this link.


Lance -

Stay far away from DT. I've spent the last 15 days trialing their service and here's what I found.

-- Their support is unhelpful and only check their email once per day.
-- Their submission process is cumbersome and instructions inconsistent.
-- You have no ability to delete or control uploaded photos. Once uploaded it's stuck and support will NOT work with you to delete or replace images.
-- Some of their reviewers even insult submitters. I had one guy call a lingerie photo "Porn" and rejected it.
-- They offer a phone number to call for help, but in 5 days no one ever answered it.
-- You can not delete or remove your account, photos, model releases, etc... Their canned answer to everything in the forums is "email support" but support says you must do it from your own profile page, however, there is no button to do most of the things they say.

It's surprising to me that they are still in business at all. They are most likely being carried financially by the few long-term contributors. I expect to see them fall into the ditch with most other mismanaged microstocks.

Otmar Forsberg -

WOW! I'm amazed with prices! Never knew that one can buy photographs so cheap. Also it's very easy to search for images I need - much easier than doing so using cds with clipart. Well, I like it. Thanks for the information.

Dreamstime Profile

Images amount
15 millions
Single purchase possibility
Single purchase packages/price
price per image
$9.99 $1.25
$14.99 $1.15
$24.99 $1.00
$49.99 $0.96
$99.99 $0.93
$150-$159 $0.91
$160-$500 $0.87
$501-$2290 $0.85
$2291-$7299 $0.84
$7300-$12358 $0.83
$12359-$17409 $0.82
$17410-$22474 $0.81
$22475-$24999 $0.80
$25001-... $0.77
Subscription purchase possibility
Subscription purchase packages/price
price period per
$44.99 1 week $0.63
$79.99 1 week $0.46
$128.99 1 month $0.43
$139.99 1 week $0.40
$239.99 1 month $0.32
$369.99 3 months $0.41
$419.99 1 month $0.28
$659.99 3 months $0.29
$679.99 6 months $0.37
$1129.99 3 months $0.25
$1249.99 6 months $0.27
$1299.99 12 months $0.36
$2159.99 6 months $0.24
$2399.99 12 months $0.36
$3739.99 12 months $0.20
Restrictions of standard license
Maximal times to print the content, or an element of the content: 500 000.
Use the content in any derivative goods intended for resale: no.
Duration of license: unlimited.
Extended license price
Restrictions of extended license
Maximal times to print the content, or an element of the content: 2 500 000 for non-commercial use, 10 000 for use in any derived goods intended for resale.
Use the content in any derivative goods intended for resale: yes.
Duration of license: unlimited.
Supported payment methods
Credit card, PayPal, check or money order
Pro et contra
+: minimal amount to refill your accont is very small ($9.99);
+: quite low cost of single purchases;
+: low limit of the subscription cost;
+: possibility to use weekly subscription;
+: raw file (DNG) purchase is available for some of the files;
+: "exclusive rights" purchase is available for some of the files;
+: possibility to purchase images for editorial usage.
-: popular files are much more expensive than others.
Minimal refilling amount is $9.99, at that is a good choice for those who needs one or two images. For those who consider standard subscription with 25 images per day as an excessive one the great opportunity would be cheap subscription with 10 images per day only. Dreamstime offers other services as well for any client, and this stock photo agency is keeping up with its competitors about its prices on single purchases.
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