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iStockphoto Review

Apr 12/11, 13:56   

The major characteristic of iStock is the wide variety of high-quality royalty free stock photos and illustrations created by talented authors for the service's clients only.

iStockphoto offers its customers large volumes of totally unique and exclusive content, which was generated by authors carefully selected by iStockphoto team. Only the most highly skilled photographers and illustrators get the chance of cooperating with iStockphoto as exclusive authors, which guarantees a very high quality of exclusive content. A small crown sign () on the description page of an image means that you have reached exclusive content.

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Clearly, iStockphoto has millions of royalty free photos and pictures that can be found on other stock services, which means that its selection of content is not limited to exclusive works. Instead, it introduces its clients to a more than 9-millions gallery of cheap, yet good images.

To become iStockphoto client, you only have to make a payment of $19.99, which can be later spent on single purchases of either 12 small images ($1.67 each) or, for example, 2 large images ($10.02 each).

Apart from single purchases, iStockphoto offers subscription plans with a minimum payment of $729 for 6 months and a price of $0.20 per one image.

iStockphoto uses credits to pay for single image purchases as well as for subscription (see "What are the credits and what are they for?"). The price of one credit ranges from $1.67 to $0.20 depending on the size of the credit package. Also you can add files directly to shopping cart and pay for them with a credit card, without first needing to purchase credits.

Photos and vector images are priced differently. For instance, any picture can be purchased in different sizes, from small (for blog posts) to extra large (for large-scale printing). Prices range from 1 credit to 250 credits accordingly (with an exception for exclusive files, which are priced from 4 credits).

The situation with vector images is slightly different: each file has a fixed price based on its complexity and exclusiveness. Prices vary from 1 to 60 credits.

It is worth noting that subscription plans include credits, not the number of images available for purchase. Each day you have a fixed amount of credits, not images that can be used. That is why you should pay close attention to the scale of rates. You will be able to purchase a small image (for example, $0.36 per credit) with 1 cheap subscription credit, whereas you will have to pay 12 credits for a larger picture ($4.32 using subscription plan with $0.36 per credit).

This seeming shortcoming actually turns into an advantage when it comes to spending subscription credits on the purchase of images with an extended license (see "What is license on image using?"). With an extended license priced at around 125 credits and the price of one subscription credit of $0.32 you will be able to buy an image for $40. No other stock photo agency gives its users an opportunity to save money on images with extended license using subscription system like this.

In general, royalty free images and photos on iStockphoto are priced higher than on other microstocks, but the presented exclusive content is really amazing and worth it.

To register on iStockphoto click this link.

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iStockphoto Profile

Unbenanntes Dokument
Images amount
9 millions
Single purchase possibility
Single purchase packages/price
price per image
$49,99 $1.67
$72,99 $1.62
$94.99 $1.58
$230,99 $1.54
$545 $1.51
$967 $1.49
$1465 $1.47
$4200 $1.40
Subscription purchase possibility
Subscription purchase packages/price
price period per
$729 6 months $0.20
$995 3 months $0.32
$1349 12 months $0.19
$1995 6 months $0.32
$2045 3 months $0.32
$3795 3 months $0.35
$3795 12 months $0.30
$3895 6 months $0.31
$7195 6 months $0.33
$7395 12 months $0.29
$7745 3 months $0.36
$13795 12 months $0.32
$14695 6 months $0.34
$27925 12 months $0.32
Restrictions of standard license
Maximal times to print the content, or an element of the content: 500 000.
Use the content in any derivative goods intended for resale: yes with restrictions.
Duration of license: unlimited.
Extended license price
Restrictions of extended license
Maximal times to print the content, or an element of the content: unlimited except for following derivative goods intended for resale:
 - up to 100 000 cards, stationery items, stickers, or paper products,
 - up to 10 000 posters, calendars, mugs, or mousepads,
 - up to 2 000 T-shirts, apparel items, games, toys, entertainment goods, or framed artwork.
Use the content in any derivative goods intended for resale: yes.
Duration of license: unlimited.
Supported payment methods
Credit card, PayPal, check or money order
Pro et contra
+: great number of unique high-level images by exclusive photographers and illustrators;
+: small minimal payment for account refilling ($19.99);
+: flexible subscription system.
-: prices on the average are higher than competitors have;
-: by subscription you buy credits and not a number of images, so a price for some large-size picture purchased by subscription on the iStockphoto can be several times higher than on other microstocks.
Searching high-quality exclusive pictures? Welcome to the iStockphoto. Here you will find out a huge number of exclusive artists, selling their high-level arts for iStockphoto's clients only. Probably prices are a little bit higher, but you will really get what you pay for.
Of course besides of exclusive ones, there are millions of other stock works here, so a iStockphoto's assortment is very competitive.

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