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http://www.photobuyerguide.comReviews of all the biggest microstocks worldwide: Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Fotolia, Dreamstime, 123RF and Bigstock

Microstock Review

Jan 31/10, 14:22   

Shutterstock Review

This is the largest microstock in the world which is currently selling around 70 millions of royalty free images, with this figures increasing by 90-100 thousands weekly.

The major characteristic of this stock agency is that images and photos stored on Shutterstock are available using subscription only. Shutterstock, thus, mainly targets those customers, who buy a large number of images and photos on a regular basis.

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iStockphoto Review

The major characteristic of iStockphoto is the wide variety of high-quality stock photos and illustrations created by talented authors for the service's clients only.

iStockphoto offers its customers large volumes of totally unique and exclusive content, which was generated by authors carefully selected by iStockphoto team. Only professional photographers and illustrators get the chance of cooperating with iStockphoto as exclusive authors, which guarantees a very high quality of exclusive content.

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Fotolia Review

Fotolia features one of the largest image galleries in the world. Having more than 19.2 millions of royalty free images for sale, it takes the second place among other microstocks.

It offers its customers two buying options: single purchase or subscription purchase.

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Dreamstime Review

More than 15 millions of royalty free images, presented on Dreamstime, can be purchased either on an individual or on a subscription basis.

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123RF Review

One, two, three — royalty free! So cheerful like the childish rhyme — that's how you should read the name of 123RF. Does it sound funny to you? If it does, get ready to be surprised by this microstock, which has a gallery of more than 15.9 millions of royalty free images.

Images and photos can be purchased either on a single or on a subscription basis.

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Bigstock Review

Bigstock — one of the most expensive microstocks presented in our reviews. It has image gallery of 9-millions of photos and illustrations in rasterized and vector format and offers its customers to make single purchases spending from 1 to 6 credits depending on size and format of each file.

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Depositphotos Review

There are 10 millions of royalty free stock images and photos at Depositphotos.

Depositphotos don't have an opportunity to compete with other stock agencies by number of images, so this microstock makes an emphasis on offering convenient services and affordable images.

5 Free Credits at Depositphotos + 15% Discount

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