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http://www.photobuyerguide.comUse our support service for choosing the best microstock for you, effective searching for royalty free images, purchasing photos saving your money and professional processing of purchased pictures


Feb 01/10, 12:50   

If you have any questions or problems in the process of getting yourself familiar with or working with microstocks, experts of are always there to help you. Feel free to contact us via the e-mail We will help you to solve your problem as soon as possible.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer two types of customer service. Below you can find detailed description of each option.

Main Support Service

This support service is free of charge. If you have some general questions on stock photo agencies, we will be happy to answer them. In order to get an answer, just send your question to

Before sending the e-mail, please, make sure your question is not covered in FAQ or other sections of the site. Thank you.

Individual Help offers unique conditions of support service for those users, who need individual help with the following issues:

a) selection of a microstock in accordance with your specific requirements and in consideration of your financial abilities and thematic preferences;

b) effective search for royalty free images on the selected microstock in accordance with your specific tasks;

c) purchase of images with utmost saving of your money;

d) professional processing of purchased images (photos, pictures, vector illustrations) using special software;

e) other specific issues, which require expert assistance (for example, selection of the best subscription option on the already selected stock photo agency).

If you do not wish or have no opportunity to spend time and effort in order to deal with these issues on your own, write to our special support service e-mail Our experts will promptly and professionally find solution to all of these issues.

Individual help is provided on a paying basis. Cost of each service is given in the table. Now payment is done by Moneybookers electronic payment system only. We are looking forward to receive payments through PayPal and credit card in the near future.

If the cost of the ordered service/services is over $20, prepayment makes 50%. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with our work, we will refund the whole amount paid.

Service Price
1 Selection of a microstock in accordance with your specific requirements $19.95
2 Effective search for images in accordance with your specific tasks
  a) selection of keywords (per 1 task) $2.95
  b) search for images itself (per 1 task) $9.95
3 Purchase of images with utmost saving of your money $4.95
4 Professional processing of your images
  a) simple processing (per 1 piece) $4.95
  b) complex processing or montage (per 1 piece) from $9.95
5 Other services from $4.95

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