10 mln of Images at Dreamstime and Other News in Monthly Report on December 1, 2010

Stock photo agency Number of images
(growth of image gallery)
Number of added images
(growth compared to prev. month)
1 Shutterstock 13.538.763 ( 2.99%) 392.829 (▲ 18.50%)
2 Fotolia 11.332.725 ( 3.61%) 395.096 (▲ 7.63%)
3 Dreamstime 10.078.449 ( 2.85%) 278.860 (▲ 14.69%)
4 123RF 8.192.217 ( 3.97%) 312.981 (▲ 8.76%)
5 iStockphoto 7.843.149 ( 2.35%) 180.421 (▲ 9.89%)
6 Bigstock 5.642.000 ( 2.69%) 148.000 (▲ 15.63%)
7 Depositphotos 2.283.016 ( 6.84%) 146.229 (▼ -7.00%)


There's not much to mention this month. But it's worth noting that Dreamstime is another stock agency which has 10 million of images and stock photos in its base by now.

Fotolia and 123RF also have completed remarkable milestones: 11 and 8 millions of images respectively.

This month Shutterstock has the greatest growth rate compared to previous month among all microstocks at PhotoBuyerGuide.com.

During this month only Depositphotos have added less images than in previous one.

The remaining of iStockphoto and Bigstock maintain stable growth of image galleries.

Next month you can expect 8 million of images at iStockphoto and much slower growth of image galleries due to Christmas and New Year holidays.


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