10 mln of Images at Fotolia, Impressive Growth of Depositphotos and Other News in Monthly Report on September 1, 2010

Stock photo agency Number of images
(growth of image gallery)
Number of added images
(growth compared to prev. month)
1 Shutterstock 12.497.589 ( 2.65%) 322.444 (▼ -3.30%)
2 Fotolia 10.197.175 ( 3.49%) 343.894 (▲ 0.93%)
3 Dreamstime 9.349.694 ( 2.42%) 221.014 (▼ -2.93%)
4 123RF 7.382.926 ( 2.94%) 211.152 (▼ -7.94%)
5 iStockphoto 7.348.402 ( 1.77%) 127.877 (▼ -24.62%)
6 Bigstock 5.243.000 ( 2.04%) 105.000 (▼ -20.45%)
7 Depositphotos 1.869.163 ( 6.59%) 115.496 (n/a)


As we have predicted in previous report Fotolia reached milestone of 10 million of images in August, 2010. Meanwhile it also holds the lead by number of added images and it's the only microstock to have positive percent of growth of added images compared to previous month.

By total number of images Fotolia is far ahead of its nearest pursuer — Dreamstime. As well as Shutterstock is far ahead of Fotolia.

Also it was well expected for 123RF to pass iStockphoto by number of images. And now 123RF is in 4th place of our TOP-5 and judging by numbers iStockphoto will lose its 4th place for a long time. However its unique and exclusive content is still doing the great job.

The smallest stock agency, Depositphotos has the biggest growth of image gallery, just cause of too little number of images in its base compared to other microstocks. But it's worth noting that this “rookie” has more added images than one of the veterans, Bigstock. We'll see what'll happen next month.

As you can see from the table above the growth of added images is negative for everyone except Fotolia. In September, 2010 things can change drastically for many contributors will return from vacations.

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  1. I think it’s a mistake to think that the quality of an image bank is given by the number of photos you have in your collection. Just look at the results of a search to realize that there are many photos that do not deserve to be on sale. The photos that were charged five years ago do not have the quality that today’s buyer’s market needs. In the case no wonder Istockphoto new shots down since some time ago seems to be the policy of this agency to eliminate all non-exclusive contributors. Another strategic error in my view because the variety of styles and offer new photo’s what a large bank of images.

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