Become an Author for Microstocks and Make Money

Who Can Cooperate with Microstocks as an Author?

If you are a photographer, an artist, an illustrator, a designer, 3D-modeler, videographer, specialist in flash or audio, you can become an author of works available on microstocks and make money here.

Every Internet user with appropriate qualification can sell his/her works on microstocks.

Among the authors of microstock works there are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. You can become one of them. You do not need designer diploma or degree in arts to do it — you just have to be rather good at photographing or drawing.

How Much Can I Earn on Microstocks?

Depending on the amount of money earned, all the authors of microstock content can be nominally divided into three categories.

a) On the average, amateurs, who do not devote much of their time to the work with photo stocks, earn $50 to $150 per month.

b) People who are more seriously involved in creation of content for microstocks earn $400 to $800 per month.

c) Average earning of those professionals, for whom photo stocks represent main activity, account for $1.500 to $5.000 per month.

Your earnings entirely depend on how much time you are ready to devote for cooperation with photo stocks, as well as on the quality of your works.

The greater number of microstocks you cooperate with, the more you earn. On all of these sites you can sell the same works. Experts of recommend to work with all the stock photo agencies described here (links for registration are given on this page on the right and below).

The only restriction of your earnings on microstocks is yourself. Do you wish to earn $5.000 a month? Work hard and you will reach the goal set.

Are there Any Reasons for Me to Work with Microstocks?

1. You can earn a lot if you have lost your job due to economic crisis or other factors.

2. It can become additional earning source if you have got a main job.

3. You can earn money through your hobby, thus making it self-supporting or even profitable.

4. You can simultaneously cooperate with many stock photo agencies from different countries of the world, no matter where you live. Thus you can distribute your financial risks because you have several independent earning sources.

5. You can start your business with minimal investment, for microstocks are nothing but a global market of images, whereas you represent manufacturer of goods to be sold in this market.

6. You can become free and independent from employers. Having reached good level of earnings from microstocks, if you wish to you can finally free yourself from the boring job at the office.

7. You can become famous. If you shoot or draw for yourself, maybe it is worth trying to sell your photos and pictures on microstocks. Who knows, maybe you would become another happy man, to whom stock photo agencies unexpectedly have brought fame and big money.

Will I be Able to Successfully Compete with Hundreds of Other Authors?

Today hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world work with microstocks, and everyday their number increases. Is it a problem for you? Absolutely not.

a) You are mistaken if you think that you are not going to succeed on microstocks because of too many competitors working here. Competition does not matter if you create high-quality content. All microstockers are equal for buyers — they choose by works, not by name. If you create good pieces of work, you will always earn much, even if there are millions of competitors.

b) You are mistaken if you think that you are not going to succeed on microstocks because you have got no talent. Here talent gives at most 10% of success, while the remaining 90% depend on competence, hard working and eagerness. Besides, what makes you think you have got no talent? You will never know until you try it.

c) You are mistaken if you think that you are not going to succeed on microstocks because you have got no expensive professional equipment. Inexpensive DSLR camera is enough to create photos for microstocks. To draw illustrations inexpensive computer will do.

How do I Start Working with Microstocks?

Just register following the links given below. Registration is free of charge.

To register with Shutterstock click this link.

To register with iStockphoto click this link.

To register with Fotolia click this link.

To register with Dreamstime click this link.

To register with 123RF click this link.

To register with Bigstock click this link.

To register with Depositphotos click this link.

I Have Some Questions, Who Can Help Me?

If you have any questions on cooperation with microstocks as an author, please send us an e-mail to We will try to help you as soon as possible.


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