Crestock Announces Development Plans

This summer microstock Crestock had been acquired by Masterfile Corporation with plans to somehow reanimate this stock agency.

In July, 2010 Crestock has processed royalties and comissions that had been requested by contributors and affiliates.

In August, 2010 Crestock's six month editing backlog has been reduced to one month. Long-term goal was to complete edits in one week.

Recently at the Visual Connections show in New York Crestock was presented to the public with new logo, strongly improved design of web site and vastly accelerated capabilities of search engine.

The newly appointed president Joan Fischer marked out that “affiliation with Masterfile was viewed as very positive”. And the main thing to mention is new structure of credit and subscription packages prices since late October, 2010. Now you can buy images as low as $0.75 per image using credits or just $0.25 per image using subscription. You can see detailed prices at the end of this article.

Images are priced from $1 to $25 depending on their size, vectors — from $10 to $15. No extended license is available at the moment.

Crestock accepts payment via PayPal and credit cards. Also there is possibility to purchase images without registration.

Right now Crestock is carriyng out “an extensive internet advertising campaign to get the word out on Crestock far and wide”. Joan Fischer pointed to the fact that “advertising budget for the next six months is double Crestock’s annual sales in 2009”.

To register at Crestock use the following link.

Credit prices

Price Number of credits Price per image
$5 5 credits $1.00
$10 10 credits $1.00
$25 25 credits $1.00
$50 50 credits $1.00
$90 100 credits $0.90
$425 500 credits $0.85
$750 1000 credits $0.75

Subscription prices

Price Period Price per image
$179 1 month $0.30
$499 3 months $0.27
$959 6 months $0.26
$1799 12 months $0.25

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