Exclusive+ Collection Goes Live at iStockphoto

This week iStockphoto has launched new collection of images named Exclusive+. It consists of some of the very best images from Exclusive collection chosen by Exclusive artists on their own. It's important to note that every artists has his own limits for how many images may be moved to Exclusive+. Number of images depends of approval rate and varies from 10% to 20% of artist's portfolio.

The main difference between well-known Exclusive collection and the new one is the price that buyer has to pay to purchase the image. Here's Exclusive+ collection prices for photographs for year 2010: XSmall — 5 credits, Small — 10 credits, Medium — 15 credits, Large — 20 credits, XLarge — 25 credits, XXLarge — 30 credits, XXXLarge — 35 credits.

Right now Exclusive+ is availabale for photographs only. It will eventually be available for other file types.

So at the present moment iStockphoto offers its customers four collections of images:

a) Main, where the every image begins its long way at iStockphoto;
b) Exclusive, which consists of images of exclusive artists;
c) Exclusive+, where exclusive artists may move from 10% to 20% of theirs portfolios;
d) Vetta, where images of exclusive artists are moved by iStockphoto editors team.

You can see full iStockphoto review and detailed prices at the iStockphoto review on our site.


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