How to Search for Images on Microstocks

So, you have selected a suitable microstock, completed the registration procedure and refilled your balance with amount allowing to purchase images. Excellent, the only thing left to do is find what you need among millions of royalty free pictures.

You can search for images on microstocks in two ways. Firstly, you can find them by keywords using automatic search — just the way you search for information in Google. Secondly, you can use topical catalog, in which all the files are divided into categories, such as “People”, “Architecture”, “Objects”, etc.

Search Using Keywords

On microstock every image has detailed description consisting from a short name and keywords. Keywords are words describing the image or those associated with its content through metaphors, appearances and abstract ideas.

For example, in case of a photo with a happy girl on the seaside keywords will be “girl”, “sea”, “seaside” and “happy”. Besides, it can be detailing or abstract words like “joy”, “smile”, “merriment”, “nature”, “suntan” (if the girl is suntanned) etc.

What is the point? Using any of these keywords or their combination you can find this picture through the search engine.

Think of a keyword or a word-combination, which suits your tasks most, input it in the search box and click “Search” button. In few moments you will see a selection of images, description of which contains the keywords you have used.

Experiment a little bit in order to figure out how it works.

Tips on Effective Search Using Keywords

  • Use those keywords, which meet your requirements most. Among millions of royalty free images available on microstocks one can find anything. For this reason, if you need photo of a red book, you should input “red book”, but not simply “book”.
  • If there are too many images found by the keywords, you should specify your request by adding one or several words.
  • If the images found are not exactly what you need, think of another keyword and try again.
  • You should not confine yourself to a single search by one keyword. Always try several different options — maybe the last one will allow you to find the best image.

Search Using Catalog

It's very simple: select the required topic and on the spot you can see many relevant images. You should use catalogue if you do not know what exactly you need and for this reason you can not select clear keywords for the automatic search.

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