iStockphoto and Bigstock Growth and Other News in Monthly Report on October 1, 2010

Stock photo agencyNumber of images
(growth of image gallery)
Number of added images
(growth compared to prev. month)
1Shutterstock12.814.422 ( 2.54%)316.833 (▼ -1.74%)
2Fotolia10.570.537 ( 3.66%)373.362 (▲ 8.57%)
3Dreamstime9.556.442 ( 2.21%)206.748 (▼ -6.45%)
4123RF7.591.472 ( 2.82%)208.546 (▼ -1.23%)
5iStockphoto7.498.552 ( 2.04%)150.150 (▲ 17.42%)
6Bigstock5.366.000 ( 2.35%)123.000 (▲ 17.14%)
7Depositphotos1.979.553 ( 5.90%)110.390 (▼ -4.42%)


Contributors are returning from vacations and overall trends of microstocks' galleries growth remain the same.

Shutterstock is still having the widest variety of images at the market adding to its base more than 300.000 of images every month.

The only stock agency, which can compete with Shutterstock is Fotolia: number of added images every month is always higher than in previous one.

Dreamstime and 123RF have results just little worse than in previous month and retain 3rd and 4th places of our rating.

Meanwhile iStockphoto and Bigstock have very positive growth of image gallery compared to previous month but in absolute numbers it's still less than every other microstock have except one.

And Depositphotos has the biggest growth of image gallery but compared to previous month its growth rate in September, 2010 is unexpectedly negative.

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