Vast Growth of Image Galleries at Microstocks and Other News in Monthly Report on November 1, 2010

Stock photo agency Number of images
(growth of image gallery)
Number of added images
(growth compared to prev. month)
1 Shutterstock 13.145.934 ( 2.59%) 331.512 (▲ 4.63%)
2 Fotolia 10.937.629 ( 3.47%) 367.092 (▼ -1.68%)
3 Dreamstime 9.799.589 ( 2.54%) 243.147 (▲ 17.61%)
4 123RF 7.879.236 ( 3.79%) 287.764 (▲ 37.99%)
5 iStockphoto 7.662.728 ( 2.19%) 164.176 (▲ 9.34%)
6 Bigstock 5.494.000 ( 2.39%) 128.000 (▲ 4.07%)
7 Depositphotos 2.136.787 ( 7.94%) 157.234 (▲ 42.44%)


The only thing worth saying about past month trends is: it's growing! Every stock agency except Fotolia has positive growth of image galleries compared to previous month. Contributors and inspectors had returned from their vacations and the results of their work you can see and buy right now. The end of the year is always very hot!

Despite the growth which is the common feature for every of 7 microstocks at it's necessary to mention some milestones.

Firstly, Shutterstock has passed the number of 13 million of images.

Secondly, Depositphotos has an outstanding growth rate this month and has successfully completed the task of getting 2 million of images in its gallery. By the way don't miss almost the same growth rate at 123RF! Many of fresh stock images are just waiting for you.

Concerning the remaining trio: Dreamstime is certainly going to hit 10 million next month, iStockphoto maintain its stable growth as if saying that “only the quality matters”, Bigstock has a positive growth rate but also has the least number of added files.

We expect the growth to continue until the very Christmas and New Year holidays.

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